Alan Reed Intro (Narrator and eye witness)

Darrell Hovious  (Lived near the crash site, eye witness)

Maxine & Gary Jones (Lived near the crash site, eye witnesses)

Rob Blakeslee (Son of Major Blakeslee)

Alison Blakeslee (Daughter of Major Blakeslee)

Diane Blakeslee (Daughter of Major Blakeslee)

Pastor Don Scilley (Local Pastor and eye witness)

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Colonel (Retired) Doug Folts (Served with the Officers killed in the McKinney Crash, was a Navigator on B-58s)

Local Taxidermists Kim McWhorter was 9 years old at the time of the crash, he shares his recollections of the night’s events.

John Lunt (Dale Lunt’s younger brother)

Jerry Sanford, Floyd Edward Acker’s brother-in-law shares his memories

of Floyd. Like all the friends and family of the the Airmen he still struggles

with the loss.